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The EASY DIG Party Package - Package Details
$24.95 per additional child
$16.95 per additional adult
Max 40 children
This party and its base price include admission for a total of 23 guests. After check-in, you'll spend 2 hours exploring all the Diggerland rides and attractions followed by an hour of celebration time in the "Break Room" Party Pavilion.

Please make sure child is 36" minimum height to enjoy all of the rides and attractions

Included Admission:
  • 1 Birthday Child
  • 10 Children
  • 12 Chaperones

Included Food:
  • 1 Slice of Pizza Per Child
  • 2 Pitchers of Drinks with Refills

Included Extras:
  • A Construction Vest for the Birthday Child
  • Themed Party Goods
  • A Dedicated Party Host During Dining Time

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